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Bold Worldwide Launches Pioneering Email Marketing Campaign Using Custom Video Technology

Email Campaign Generates Click-Through Rate 651% Above Industry Average

New YorkAugust 5, 2013BOLD Worldwide, an independently owned boutique advertising agency, today announced the results of its new email marketing campaign for SASS Global Travel, an action sports travel company. Through the use of new data rendering technology created by RUKUS, the campaign delivered cutting edge marketing performance and customer interaction.




SGT Previous

% Difference

Industry Benchmarks

Click-Through Rate



985% improvement


(651% above industry average)

Open-to-Click Rate



370% improvement


(149% above national average)

*Source: Mailchimp; **Source: Silverpop


BOLD worked with RUKUS to create a first-of-its-kind video for SASS Global Travel that would grab customers’ attention and get them excited for an epic ski trip to Argentina. The video seamlessly integrated customers’ information into the videos, so they could feel like they were already part of the trip. The videos were specifically crafted for each individual person through an automated rendering process.


“We wanted to be the first to leverage RUKUS’ groundbreaking technology to deliver a customized video email marketing campaign tailored specifically for each individual user,” said Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide. “We had an opportunity to break through the direct marketing noise and show, not tell, SGT’s customers why they should be energized about the adventure in Argentina. This technical and artistic storytelling delivered a ‘WOW’ moment for each and every customer opening the email.”


RUKUS combines customer data such as names, income, and habits with video rendering, delivering deeply personalized content per-customer. By leveraging SGT’s existing customer information, RUKUS was able to create thousands of unique videos, focusing SGT’s basic message and tailoring it to each specific customer.


“Video is the most trusted marketing channel, but it lacks the agility of more traditional tactics. That’s where we come in,” said RUKUS Chief Executive Officer Christopher DiNicolas. “RUKUS uses state-of-the-art technologies developed for the feature film and special effects industry to render 3D animation and complex multi-layer composites on the fly. We can give clients an unparalleled level of video personalization at scale, which translates into higher engagement and recall levels with potential customers.”


“We are blown away by the results of the campaign,” said SASS Global Travel Managing Director Travis Moore. “This campaign gave us nearly a 1,000 percent improvement over our email marketing from the previous year! We are ecstatic with the incredible interaction our customers had with the brand through the campaign, and are excited about leveraging this technology again in the future.”


100 percent of visitors played the video through to the end with the average visitor spending over three minutes on the landing page. Additionally, customer engagement was so high that 13 percent of emails were opened more than once, 12 percent of unique visitors contacted the client directly, and seven percent shared their videos on Facebook or Twitter.


To demo a personalized video, please visit:


About BOLD Worldwide

BOLD Worldwide is a Manhattan-based advertising agency specializing in athletic and CPG brands with a focus on content creation and production. In an increasingly complex media environment, BOLD Worldwide is passionate about helping companies grow their brand & bottom line through persuasive storytelling and the right media mix. BOLD Worldwide has worked with clients such as Tropicana, Dream Water, Gilette, BodyGlide, Ray-Ban, NASCAR, SASS Global Travel and Wfit by Weider Nutrition, among others.



RUKUS incorporates customer information from top social media outlets and advertisers’ internal data creating highly individualized videos. Through this automated process RUKUS delivers deeply personalized content per customer and quickly generates thousands of tailor-made directly to consumers via email campaigns and the web. RUKUS: data-driven, individualized videos on a scale never before available.


About SASS Global Travel

SASS Global Travel (SGT) was launched to revolutionize adventure travel worldwide. SGT offers exceptional trip opportunities to clients as they surf, ski, and ride in some of the most extraordinary destinations on Earth. With a core set of principles that go far beyond traditional tour operators — including cultural immersion, personal development, and physical well-being, SASS Global Travel creates transcendent life experiences that are far more than a vacation. Over the years, SGT has formed partnerships with industry leaders in adventure travel who are willing to provide a level of excellence in guiding service that’s completely unparalleled in today’s travel industry. This is all done while providing outstanding value to clients, and with an unflinching steadfast commitment to both environmental stewardship and the communities in which we operate.

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Bold Worldwide is excited to announce its new partnership in the sporting community. BOLD is now an official sponsor of the NASCAR Modified racecar driver Tim “The Natural” Solomito.





Tim has become a local legend on the tracks of Riverhead Raceway, and in his three years of racing, in multiple divisions, has won 16 feature events, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame Feature Event.


The BOLD team met Timmy Solomito while shooting the Telly Award Winning commercial for the local NASCAR track, Riverhead Raceway. We were instantly impressed by his professionalism on and off the racecourse as well as his tenacity to be the best. It was an obvious connection, and we are incredibly proud to be one of his sponsors.


We look forward to following him on the track this season and will be sure to keep you posted on his success. Make sure to follow Tim “The Natural” Solomito on his Facebook Fan Page.






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7 Telly Award Wins for BOLD in 2013

It may not be a Clio, or a Golden Lion, but being awarded 7 Telly Awards in 2013 is great for the BOLD team and for our clients. We are very excited in the office this week since we will be taking home some hardware for various videos and ad campaigns we created.

We are honored to have received both Silver and Bronze awards in multiple categories.
Here are the winning videos and campaigns in no particular order:


BODYGLIDE “Firefighter”

(Consumer Packaged Goods)


MC10 – Product Launch

(Sports/Sporting Goods)


JACKRABBIT SPORTS “Run for the Rabbit” Campaign

(Cause Marketing)


JACKRABBIT SPORTS “Run for the Rabbit” Campaign














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Crossfit Photoshoot in Arizona

BOLD Worldwide traveled to Arizona for it’s client Wfit. This shoot was filled with insane crossfit moves and women who could crush the entire production crew with one bicep. Luckily, we had expert sports photographer, Brian Kuhlman on set to capture some of these amazing/insane moments. BOLD is launching the Wfit brand for Weider Global Nutrition and it’s going to be something special. Keep an eye out for the campaign launch in the portfolio section of our sit.







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BOLD NY Emmy Nomination

BOLD Worldwide was recently nominated for a NY EMMY Award for our work with the New York Rent Stabilization Association. The commercial was nominated for best video in a Public Service Announcement. Brian Cristiano was nominated as the Executive Producer, and Jarett Bellucci was nominated as the Director. Congrats to the team for the hard work!

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Brian Cristiano Interview with Emarketer – Advertising and Marketing towards Sports Fans

BOLD’s CEO, Brian Cristiano was interviewed on June 13, 2012 by Kris Oser of eMarketer to share his expertise in advertising and marketing towards today’s sports fans.


eMarketer: How are the behavioral characteristics of today’s sports fan different from the characteristics of the sports fan a generation ago?


Brian Cristiano: Ten years ago, your involvement in the sport was watching it on TV, going to the stadium, wearing the gear of your favorite team. Today, fans can get much more involved with the sport. You can have arguments with your friends and strangers on Facebook and Twitter about who is the best and what team is better and why they are going to win. You can get involved with different applications. You can find data and information on sports teams—and you can pull that information up very quickly and easily from your smartphone.


That’s the difference: People can engage without having to physically be there. But they can feel as engaged as if they were actually at the game watching.


eMarketer: What about use of devices?


Cristiano: Fans are using simultaneous devices. They are watching the game, smartphone in hand. They are picking up their phone and tweeting, ‘Oh wow, I just saw this home run!” or “So-and-so just yelled at the third baseman” or they are on Facebook uploading photos or on Instagram uploading photos. That’s the real social engagement that I believe is starting to take place.


“People can engage without having to physically be there.”


It’s become almost expected that when you go to a game of course you are going to tweet about it to friends, you’re going to put it on Facebook, you’re going to upload a photo. Why? Because it makes you feel like you are more engaged and, hey, you’re also kind of showing off to all of your friends.


A lot of the players are also getting socially engaged. They are tweeting before and after the game. That’s where a lot of fans can get more engaged and interested because they are able to almost feel like they are talking with some of the players that they are fans of.


eMarketer: What about when they are watching a game on TV at home?


Cristiano: 200,000 people checked into the Super Bowl in 2011 on foursquare—in 50 states, 125 countries and even 13 check-ins from the Vatican.


What’s really different now is because the social engagement goes beyond the stadium, you don’t have to physically be there to feel like you are truly engaged and involved.


eMarketer: How are advertisers supposed to reach the fans?


Cristiano: It’s a delicate balance because you could slap your logo all over the place when people log in, etc., but it becomes a major turn off. Because people are socially engaged, they don’t want to feel like a corporation is shoving their message or their logo in front of them because they were using Facebook or Twitter.


The advertiser needs to be involved on the social level, they need to be the ones starting the conversation, continuing the conversation, making the conversation easier or adding something to it that wasn’t there before—whether that be a game, information, access or ease of access to data, video, radio, tidbits or whatever.


eMarketer: This doesn’t come naturally to an advertiser.


Cristiano: The No. 1 thing that makes it a problem on the advertiser’s side is to justify the resources that it takes to [become part of the conversation]. But in the long run, advertisers are becoming part of the social fabric that people are heavily involved with and they are going to respect you because of it. You are not pushing your message. [You are saying,] “Let’s talk” and I think people are more open to have those conversations and to welcome those brands in.


“200,000 people checked into the Super Bowl in 2011 on foursquare—in 50 states, 125 countries and even 13 check-ins from the Vatican.”


eMarketer: Can you give me an example of the value that an advertiser can bring to the conversation?


Cristiano: JackRabbit Sports is a running/triathlon sports retailer [in New York City], and what they wanted to do was not push sales, but get involved with the local running community. We created this campaign over the course of several months where we followed six runners that were training for a marathon. Each person had a Twitter feed, a Facebook fan page and a blog on the site where they were constantly uploading information, adding behind-the-scenes photos and details about how things were going for them. This constant social engagement wasn’t pushing the JackRabbit brand, it was really creating communication and building fans for these six runners to see who could raise the most money for their charity.


We used traditional media to get the campaign started—30-second TV spots, episodes, which we’d update every couple of weeks showing the progress of these runners. We bought regional cable around the tri-state area of New York. The spot would drive people back to the website where they could see more content, more information, and that’s where they would get socially engaged with the different runners.


It was really incredible because the conversation went from being six runners that no one had ever heard of to their having fans. The runners would do training races, and fans would show up—they’d have signs and they would be cheering the runners on.


eMarketer: What would you say the results were?


Cristiano: It was authentic. There was a brand attached to [the effort] and people appreciated that and said, “Wow, this company is trying to do something good.” And they didn’t feel like they were watching advertising, they felt they were watching a story unfold over seven months.


I think one of the simplest ways to gauge results was we finished this in September of last year and we have had hundreds of people come into the store, send us email, send the runners email saying, “When are you doing this again? We want to get involved.” So people were clearly watching and they wanted to see it succeed so bad that they wanted it to happen again.


eMarketer: Did you track through to sales?


“The No. 1 thing that makes it a problem on the advertiser’s side is to justify the resources that it takes to [become part of the conversation].”


Cristiano: We specifically did not track direct results from sales because it was very hard to, but we more than doubled JackRabbit’s Facebook following. When they started, I think they had less than 2,000 followers, now they are well over 10,000 followers. Their Twitter following went up like 600%. We didn’t drive people to YouTube—we uploaded the video to YouTube and before the campaign was over, there were over 100,000 views. And we never spent a dollar on advertising.


eMarketer: Would you recommend using multimedia advertising?


Cristiano: We have seen, if we do multiple types of media with the same message, it’s much more effective than just doing a single type of media.

eMarketer: Do you have any thoughts about that how the sports fans’ attention is fragmented and divided among screens?


Cristiano: The majority of people are using [more than one device] at the same time. They are sitting there watching a three-hour game and are also on the internet for three hours.


eMarketer: What does an advertiser do—show ads before or after the event?


Cristiano: Figuring out where your audience goes before and after the game is key. What people are doing is they are finding the most optimal screen to be engaged with. Especially if they are super fans, they are online while they are at work, checking their scores, they have their app that is giving them updates constantly on their smartphone. Then they go home and watch the game and they are pretty engaged and after the game is over, they get back on their smart phone or back onto the internet. So what’s interesting is they are constantly in front of a screen—TV or something else. The best way an advertiser can take advantage of that is before, after and during a game. If they can figure out where their fans are going, then they can follow them throughout the day.


eMarketer: Are apps taking off?


Cristiano: They are taking off, but I think there is a long way to go. If you look at the ESPN app, I think it’s great—they have score boards that are personalized so you can get updates on your favorite teams. You can get score alerts so your phone vibrates or makes a noise when someone scores or someone wins.


“Figuring out where your audience goes before and after the game is key.”


eMarketer: What makes a winning app?


Cristiano: One of the things that advertisers and developers need to be aware of in the apps market is that you need to create something that is going to give this added value—data or information that you can’t get anywhere else. At the same time, it needs to function well, otherwise people are going to get turned off and they are going to move on very quickly.


I’m a cyclist and I love the Tour de France and last year NBC had an app, NBC’s “Tour de France” app and it was fantastic, especially for a sport that isn’t based in the US, which is hard to get information on. It was really fantastic because I could watch these GPS maps and know where the riders were, and I could get little instant updates of who won on what stage.


In Europe, cycling is massive, but in the US, it’s very small. This app was perfect for the consumer like me. I was glued to that thing for hours a day.


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CCFA Honors Brian Cristiano and Alison Feller

We are excited to announce that our friends at the wonderful charity, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) will be honoring BOLD’s owner, Brian Cristiano alongside Alison Feller this Friday, October 26th.


Brian is being recognized for the advertising campaign, BOLD created over the summer focusing on creating awareness for the charity and its running programs. The #CCFASHARK campaign was a big success and we are proud to have been involved.



Friday’s event will take place from 7:00-10:30PM at LAVO on 58th Street. There are still a few tickets available if you would like to attend. You can purchase them here. Don’t miss it – our friend Jaime Drastik will be there too. Most importantly, the money goes to a great cause!


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Forbes Top 100 List of Global Ad Agencies That Know Social Media and Google

We are completely honored and humbled to be on such a great list with so many other incredible agencies. When we received the notification that we were on the Forbes Top 100 List of Global Ad Agencies That Know Social Media we were pumped. It takes a lot to get noticed in this industry, and clearly our hard work is paying off.


Being an Ad Agency in New York, you need to understand the digital landscape. It is not the future of advertising, it is now. Clients big and small can benefit from a quality campaign through social media. Whether it is part of a larger campaign, or the forefront of advertising, if done correctly it can have a major impact.
A major brand that we work with asked us to help launch a new product. We did so strictly through social media and the blogosphere. By connecting bloggers in our client’s target demographic and connecting that with a strong social media presence we were able to successfully launch a new product without the cost of a traditional campaign.
We really enjoy working in the digital space – it allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity, and we look forward to continuing to put our creative brains on the forefront of our work.
Thank you!

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Bodyglide Vignettes

As a sports and athletic advertising agency we are always on the lookout for fun clients who want us to tell their exciting stories. When we were approached by BodyGlide we knew it would be a perfect match. Bodyglide hadn’t done much as far as marketing before we partnered so BOLD was able to develop the campaign from scratch.

BOLD developed a five part vignette campaign that featured actual customers using BodyGlide’s products. Below are the videos from the campaign.


BodyGlide vignette featuring a firefighter.


BodyGlide vignette about a dancer.


BodyGlide vignette featuring a heart attack survivor and marathon runner.


BodyGlide vignette about a professional triathlete


BodyGlide vignette about a mother with twins.


BodyGlide vignette featuring an ultra-marathon runner.



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Riverhead Raceway Commercial

New York based sports advertising agency, BOLD Worldwide, recently produced and created the first television commercial for Riverhead Raceway. Riverhead Raceway is a NASCAR Whelen Modified racetrack and in recent years has not garnered as much attention as it had in the past. BOLD stepped in to produce this high-octane commercial to build excitement around the track for the 2012 season. Race car driver, Timmy Solomito was featured in the commercial telling his story about why he is passionate about racing.




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